Life Coach, Adult ADD, Adult ADHD, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Online.
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Michael Ferguson has been a professional life coach since 2007.  His latest book, “The Drummer and the Great Mountain – A Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD/ADHD” provides a comprehensive support system for creative-types and adult ADD/ADHD individuals.  

Having worked in the media industry for many years, he specializes in supporting creative-types, from artists to entrepreneurs,  as well as people in the health and wellness industry.  Utilizing a truly holistic method of life coaching, Michael focuses on goal setting, health and nutrition, emotional balance, and practical business coaching.

Over the years, Michael has developed a life coaching system based partially on his studies of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Through placing an emphasis on needs-based awareness, Michael’s “4 Step Life Coaching Process” addresses core human needs and motivations.  Because of this, his system has shown to be consistently effective for people from all walks of life and occupations.

He currently resides in Encinitas, CA.


“Michael’s life path has given him the perspective and wisdom of a sage. In this world, my emotional and spiritual values are constantly being challenged.  I find my work with him assists me in connecting with my own “inner teacher.”  His sessions help me to see through the mental fog and find clarity.”

– John Whitten