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I know exactly what it feels like to come to the realization that, in order to achieve your goals and attain the life you want to live, you’ll need support. This is both a humbling and empowering place to arrive at.

Ultimately, we’re all on the same journey. We want to minimize suffering, and maximize joy and fulfillment.  No matter where you are on your path, meaningful support is always a welcome respite from life’s challenges.

Who Can Benefit

  • Creative-types looking for a solid support system for bringing their gifts and projects into the world, while maintaining balance and perspective. You’re looking for someone who has real-world experience in taking creative projects to fruition, and can empathize with the struggle of staying inspired, and maintaining focus, in order to make it successfully to the “finish line.”

  • People diagnosed with Adult ADD/ADHD looking for someone who understands their challenges, and can assist with specific tools designed to manage ADD/ADHD symptoms, focusing your energy towards creating a life that allows you to thrive.  This includes support with adult ADD/ADHD-specific nutritional support, goal setting, adopting useful time management tools, and designing daily routines that provide focus and consistency.

  • Small business / home-based business owners looking for support in organizing their life to make it more easily manageable — designing systems that provide balance, greater enjoyment of life, and help with setting clear boundaries, so that your work doesn’t completely take over your life.

  • Individuals in the health and wellness field wanting support from someone who understands their particular needs, shares their passions, and understands the marketing and business development aspects of their business.

  • Sensitive individuals that may feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day details of life. People looking for someone who can empathize with their struggles, and can offer clear tools that enable you to thrive and share your talents with the world.


Adult ADD/ADHD is a confusing label.  I believe it’s far more beneficial to see it as a neurological type, rather than a disorder – shared by a high number of successful artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and athletes.  I much prefer the term hunter-type, based on Thom Hartmann’s “Hunter-Farmer Theory.” I offer a specialized form of life coaching for individuals with ADD/ADHD challenges and gifts, providing a clear structure for optimizing your talents, and minimizing your challenges.

The “4 Step” Life Coaching Process

My coaching system is designed to cover four key aspects of ongoing support:

1. reviewing goals

2. life check-in (identifying “wins” and challenges”)

3. brainstorming

4. scheduling.

This “four step process” can be considered “needs-based” life coaching, and is partially based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication.


I do my best to keep my rate structure simple. The following pricing reflects both 1 time sessions, and ongoing sessions.

$150 for a 75 minute session

All sessions are offered via phone or zoom (audio only).


For ongoing clients, I don’t insist on a set number of sessions per month.  I allow my clients to decide what works best for them, provided it works within my schedule. Payments are made prior to each session, or can be automatically billed on a monthly basis.  Payments are made online.  I take all major credit cards and PayPal.

Schedule A Session

If you would like to schedule a session, please visit this page for my contact information.